NOI’s vision is worldwide health literacy. Our investment in the future of rehabilitation currently focuses on research into laterality recognition, pain and education, and neurodynamics. We aim to provide supporting literature and tools based on the outcomes of research and to improve their accessibility and understanding in the clinic as well as the public arena.

Each project has different objectives but all tests focus on laterality recognition as a measurement for which the Recognise online programme is used. Participation takes around 15-25 minutes. Your contribution to this research is greatly appreciated, thanks for being involved with current and cutting edge research!

Shoulder laterality study image

Stroke laterality study

A study to investigate if people with stroke experience difficulty with recognizing the laterality of their affected arm and hand, and if there is a further relationship in those with upper limb pain.

Participants may or may not have suffered a stroke, injury or pain.

Leeanne Carey, Brendon Haslam, David Butler

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Motor imagery task image

Motor imagery juvenile normalcy study

Motor Imagery - the feeling or imagination of moving without really moving. This study endeavours to determine what ‘normal’ motor imagery is amongst five to eighteen year olds, by firstly answering some health related questions and then making left/right judgements on hands photographed in differing contextual situations.

Abhishikta Dey, Lorimer Moseley, David Butler

left and right recognition among individuals with spinal cord injury image

Recognising left from right limbs among individuals with spinal cord injury.

How does spinal cord injury affect the ability to recognise pictures of arms or legs as being from the left or the right side of the body? This study is looking at how people with a spinal cord injury may be different to those without one and whether pain adds any further difference. Participants may or may not have a spinal cord injury or pain.

Kathryn Nicholson Perry, Lorimer Moseley, David Butler

Shoulder laterality study image

Shoulder laterality study [Closed]

A study endeavouring to gain further understanding of shoulder pain and in turn contribute to developing more effective treatment strategies. Building on previous research into laterality (left/right) perception difficulties this research project is investigating perceptual changes in people with shoulder pain compared to people without. Participants may or may not have a shoulder injury or pain.

John Breckenridge, Karen Ginn, James McAuley, David Butler

neck laterality study image

Neck laterality study [Closed]

The aim of this ongoing study is to determine accuracy and response time in a normal healthy population, for making left/right neck rotation judgements.

Sarah Wallwork, Ian Fulton, David Butler, Igusti Darmawan, Lorimer Moseley.

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